Youtube Group

Will Not Salty#2439

or is it just the regular wick discord

we did it bois, we found kleetus kernel’s origin story

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sure im looking to make some youtube allies

if im gonna be honest with you, I havnt viewed forums in 2 months. But im still just as willing to keep this animation group coming. My name is Some Random Stickman Animator#7429 if you guys wanna add me. be sure to reply to this message your name and tag so i know its you. i really wanna see our animation group spark up. who knows- we could be semi famous animators!

add you through youtube

is there anyway you could get a link i cant find you

are you using discord to add me? or are you looking for a link to my channel?

I recently sold my Discord account to one of my friends, dont feel like explaining it but my account was old and he wants old accounts, so i have a new discord. be sure to add Flameless Blaze#4742 on discord

I wonder if Hypersonicly still gets these emails…

chances are, probably not :T

I added you


Hey, @Cleetus_Kernel ur back :D

Yeah, I used my mother’s email(the original email for this account)

He has returned

yes! indeed

is this… still gonna be happening or is this dead?

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yup, its dead

he’s dead jim