Youtube Group

Hello! I am starting out animating in wick for youtube videos. Does anyone want to form a group of animators?


Sure, whats the youtube channel?
I don’t have any content though

Hi, I started a YouTube channel as well, but I also use Synfig as well and Wick editor.

Maybe you could make some tutorials to help newbs like me? ;)

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Im A Youtuber Too, But instead of us all being one youtube channel, we can all be separate youtube channels that help out each other with animations, i can make a Animation Group Topic, and we can shout each other out on our videos if we help each other with projects. it will be like a nice animation Team that makes entertaining Films. kinda like TheOdd1’sOut and JaidenAnimations and SomethingElseYT and TimTom and ItsAlexClark and a few others. they all help eachother with animations. some people think that all the animators are fighting in competition to be the best animator but they are wrong, and we can form our own animation group too. Some animators started out solo but we dont have to do the same. Sorry this message was so long.

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just made a new one sub to me

made a video

I’m sorry about this, but I have long since moved on from Wick Editor. I am sorry if this upsets any of you, but I find the new interface clunky and have had the money to use Animate CC. Good luck to you all!

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I wanna join

How about i create a Discord Group for us all instead? Yall down for that??

Sure, I can help you

That’s not wick though. That’s obviously Flipaclip.

Hey I have a YouTube Channel ,Cleetus Kernel Cornious. I’m facinated with animation and new here. I’m wondering if i can upload wick files to YouTube.

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yeah good idea. use discord my user name Is Su Tart

You can’t upload wick files to youtube, so you will need to export as a video.

Thanks! Really appreciate it!

EDIT: I changed my username to Fugtim Freedy a while ago.

I’m pretty sure you’re talking about your Google name, but is it possible to change your username in Wick Forums?

I meant discord username

Yeah um is this still alive