Zombie Shooter Tutorial for Wick Editor


Hey guys!

I recently found out about the Wick Editor, long story short I LOVE it! I immediately got hooked and stayed up a few nights creating a simple zombie shooter and a demo/tutorial video on it. I wanted to share the video with you guys, hoping someone might find it useful! A link to the zombie shooter save file is in the description of the video.

The zombie shooter demonstration starts at 2:36.

Can't save the project

Thanks for the shout out! Really great demo and video you have here! :)


Not a problem! Thank you guys for making such a useful, easy to use, and fun to use tool.


hello, i have a problem, i use safari to make the project like u do and it works, but in chrome, it says the line163, cannot read property “wickObjects” of null, i wander why. hope to receive your reply, thank you very much


Hi @andy!

Sorry for the late reply, been very busy lately. Can you show me your call stack? In chrome, you can open developer tools (by pressing f12), click on the “Sources” tab and then on the left side find “Call Stack”. Show me that. Or even better, if you can, let me see your save file and I can try to reproduce it by myself!