Wick 0.15 Update Thread [Video Export!]


Wick version 0.15 is now live!

Version 0.15 brings a ton of bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and most importantly… a video exporter!

Video Exporter

  • Added an .mp4 video export option to Wick!


  • Fixed a bug where fonts were not loading correctly in the player


  • Fixed an issue whee users could draw lines with a thickness of 0


  • Fixed a bug where objects would render outside of the canvas on exported projects.
  • Fixed an issue where images were rendered in the wrong position when the frame is loaded.
  • Fixed overflow issues with the file name on the menu bar (Thanks Bruehausu!)

Styling Improvements

  • Added a new shadow to the interface
  • Restructured the right click menu
  • Added forums and tutorial links to the help tab in the editor
  • Changed some button styling on the timeline
  • Changed rotation hitboxes to show a selection cursor


  • Fixed an issue where they playhead would lag inside of clips.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on layer names edits the name of the layer instead of selecting the layer.

Asset Library

  • Fixed an issue where weird file names of assets could crash the player.
  • Fixed an issue where importing an image could give it a NaN width and height.

General Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where keyframes could not be deleted.
  • Fixed a bug with object names inside of clips
  • Fixed a bug where images were selectable in locked layers
  • Fixed a bug in project export with the gotoNextFrame command
  • Fixed an issue with auto-adding tweens when objects were modified
  • Fixed a bug where deleting objects could not be undone



Upload a key frame video , improve key frame access :+1: keep it up


Please fix the eraser


Please add symbol creation and object drawing in wick, just like in flash!


I saved the project, but i can’t open it.:angry:


@Dung_Ng, How did you save your file? In order to reopen your project, you’ll need to either “Save Project”, or “Export HTML”.