0.07 Feedback Thread


Overall, I really like the improvements in 0.07.

  • The eyedropper feature is awesome and a huge timesaver for maintaining harmonious color palettes in your work. I do the same thing all the time in Flash. One thing that would make it even more helpful is if the color in the “new color” box at the bottom and the hex code for it start live-updating with whatever is under your eyedropper (again, like Flash :stuck_out_tongue:) That will also help you make sure you’re selecting the right color and not an anti-aliasing pixel, which I think happened to me once. (Or maybe it was a bug?)
  • I really like the minimal palette. 12 nice, basic colors is a lot more manageable than Flash’s 216. The custom color box is a part of the color picker, so in hindsight, there’s no need for a laundry list of colors when you can just make your own. (In my ancient version of Flash, on the other hand, there are 3 separate color-related windows. Picking a custom color and adding it to the swatch list are in separate windows, which complicates things.) That’s one of the areas where I’m glad Wick innovates. I don’t want it to just be “Flash 2: This Again?” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
  • The new brush and line thickness controls look great and so does the new stroke color button. I smiled when I saw them; their look has improved so much. They, along with the new zoom function, are intuitive to use.
  • There are some bugs, but I reported them on GitHub.


Thanks for setting up this thread @kryptot7! Awesome feedback.

For the eyedropper suggestion, would you want to see a preview of the color your hovering over or would you want it to be automatically selected?

As for the new brush/line thickness previews, do you think there is any better way we can communicate size? Right now for brushes larger than 50 pixels and strokes larger than 10 pixels, the previews kind of lose their meaning a bit.


My personal preference would be for it to work similar to Flash. :slight_smile:

As for the thickness previews, I think the way you have it for the brush is pretty good, since I don’t find myself drawing absolutely huge relative to the screen very often. Then, for the line thickness, maybe you could expand the vertical size of the box, or just have the line run vertically to save space?


I’ve used Flash enough to know that someone at some point is going to bring up how the brush doesn’t have an option to scale with the zoom level.