1.0 test hype thread


Supposedly an alpha/beta version of 1.0 is dropping today (or soonish) so let’s get that hype train on the move!

What cool new features do you hope for?
What bug and workflow fixes will we see?




I popped in today looking forward to an “Exported GIF” fix. The exported GIF sometimes skips frames or plays back out of sync. It’s early yet, I’ll try again later. Have a good day :slightly_smiling_face:




My wish list :santa:

  • New pressure sensitive brush. (They were testing croquis.js a few months ago.) I’d love to be able to use Wick comfortably for drawing! Right now I use Flash CS4, and let me tell ya, that brush tool isn’t exactly hard to beat. :yum: I think Wick’s got this in the bag.
  • Touch device support for exported Wick apps.
  • Unique ways to use Symbols.
    • Frame picker
    • List of variables or some other features to help you keep track of your code.
  • Various awesome design innovations!
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Hey guys! We’ve run into a few snags so we will be releasing a bit later than expected tonight. I’ll post a thread when we do! Today’s demo wont be full featured, but we should, at the very least, be able to try out some new drawing tools and engine!!



will it be a download?



We’ve posted a link to the live demo here! Wick Editor 1.0 Alpha v0 Preview

@711 the alpha demo won’t be downloadable, but it should be very simple to bundle wick into a downloadable program now!

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