15 minute animation challenge


So this is an animation that i made in 15 minutes using my new OC

My Project10-8-2022_17-25-38.wick (223.0 KB)
Yeah it sucks.

So essentially i want you guys to try and animate “Something” in wick editor in 15 minutes,

You can animate it anyway you want but it has to be at least in wick editor and has to be animated in 15 minutes

i’ m very curious what you fellow animators can make.


Gamer O Clock9-16-2022_22-55-04.wick (452.6 KB) toke me 17 minutes so not exactly but close

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Question: do we have the option to add sounds?

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14 minutes

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If you have time to you could

Here is my 15 minute effort (not including exporting and uploading).


I made this in 17 minutes

its not 15 minutes but its really close to it

this sucks but under 15 minutes


that’s really cool, i like it

took me about 7 minutes

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My Project3-20-2023_10-18-52.wick (20.4 KB)

I like it.

deal lets do this!!!

i did this in 15 mins and 46 seconds My Project3-21-2023_10-10-36.wick (372.4 KB)

i really like this project honestly i think it good for 15 mins

it was 15 minutes until i took more time to actually finish it