2 ideas I don't know if good


-It would be cool select the frames you want and to be able to change smth (for exemple the height) of all of them, not one by one.
-To ad more frames per second so that the animation would look more fluid

  • I don’t know if that already exists, but it would be very helpful if you wanted to change something on an entire segment (which already happened to me). Support.
  • You can already do that, just click the gear at the top right of Wick and there you will be able to change the framerate.


Noice, thank you, very helpful


Are you referring to something like the “Edit Multiple Frames” feature in Flash? That’s really helpful! It shows the contents of several frames on the screen at once and you can select/edit them all. I completely support this.


That’s what i thought he was referring, if not then i would like to hear what idea he’s actually thinking.


that’s what I was thinking about, sorry my english is not as good as what I thought, it’s hard to express myself


Hey all,

Wick 0.16 (the next version) will have multi-frame editing similar to how Flash does it.


Notice how in Flash you can move those bracket things above the timeline to change how many frames are being edited. This also can control which frames show up in onion skinning (note that Wick can only onion skin the previous frame. In 0.16 you will be able to select which frames to onion skin).