A couple of GUI tweaks & a question about the code


I’ve made a couple tweaks to the user interface (my fork here). Namely,

  • Redesigned onion skin range selectors
  • Some redesigned icons (kinda broken)
  • Icons that darken when selected

I’m still quite new to Node and Atom, so some of the code might be a little botched. It’s probably best to check if they have any unintended side effects should they be incorporated.


Also - There are two wickengine.js in the source code, and only the one in the public/corelibs folder seems to affect the webpage. Is the one in /engine/dist necessary?



Really nice work! I saw your pull request earlier; should be able to look at tonight or tomorrow at the latest.

One tricky thing with design-related additions is that @Luxapodular and I have to really look closely as to how the changes affect general usability, as well as accessibility (as opposed to engine changes, which we have automated tests for now, so that’s easier).

Will talk with you soon!!



Hey! So I finally got a chance to look through your PR. I couldn’t quite get all of the updated icons to look correct on all the major browsers (cross compatibility is so hard, lol), but I really want to pull in the new onion skin handles, they look great and are seem to look fine everywhere.

Would you be able to create a pull request with just the onion skin range selectors? I could manually add your code in, but it would be nice to get your commits from your github account in the wick-editor repo so you show up in the contributors section!



@zrispo I’m having some trouble trying to sync up the changes to /engine/dist/wickengine.js, /public/corelibs/wick-engine/wickengine.js, and the various pieces of the engine in engine/lib/src. Is there an easier way to apply a change to all three parts at once? Right now I’m doing it manually via hunting down the diffs and copy-pasting but I’d imagine that’s quite prone to errors.