A Really Good Update

  1. V-Cam
    I’m an animator who works on big projects and uses lots of layers. And I’m tired of turning the scene into a clip when I want to do a camera movement. It requires a lot of work.
  2. Shadows & Gradients
    I would really like some more options in shape making like shadows and gradients.
  3. Edit Multiple Frames (like in Adobe)
    If I make an animation with running or jumping and I make a mistake, it is hard to edit each frame. This would be very helpful.
  4. Better Options Menu (New Options)
    I just would like new options.

The V-Cam is already in Wick. When in the editor, press the + Sign and you should see “Vcam (Beta).”

Hopefully they update the V-Cam soon.

There are other version of V-Cam for example:
Baron’s VCam (in development)

This is just one example

Hi @ShadowAnimations!
Yes, Wick does have a Vcam tool, but it’s still in BETA. It is expected to get updated (maybe not soon, but it’s something the wick team has in mind).

If you’re using the vcam only for panning, you can open it’s code in the update script, remove lines 14-23, and go to line 5, then change the “true” with “false.” Otherwise, like UnknownShadowEagle had mentioned, you can try using Baron’s Vcam.

And for gradients, there is currently no option for that. But there are several ways you can make gradients “happpen” through code. It’s not that difficult of a process, this link should help.

I know a Wick might be missing some features, but through time you’ll be able to adjust and find several workarounds. Welcome to the forums :+1: