A Test run for Wick Editor 1.20? or a video with a Quick look into it

Has this feature been suggested before?
No, as far I know it didn’t. There were ben Requests to when the new update will come out but not a Suggestion for a test run or a Little video that shows The Project

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
Yes kinda, Firstly I’m Going to Publish a lot of my work soon (To Chrismas time) and I need a better render Quality It’s fine as it is now and I Love the Wick editor 1.19 but I think a short test run for 1-2 weeks should not be a Problem as long I have to option to go to the stable version of the editor. I also think this would help all people that use Wick editor all day! they could learn a bit from the Update, and when it comes out a lot of people will know how to use the new features correctly

Describe the solution you’d like
A short test run in the test.wickeditor.com or a little video with some new features would give new Hope to lots of People!

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
A Picture of the Wick editor would be cool too at least something for everyone to see :slight_smile: because currently some Things that we know a hidden in posts and other platforms like Discord

Image/Video Explanation Optional
Attach an image or video that will make your feature easier to understand.

Additional context
I think this would help the dev of wick editor and it wouldn’t be Site Destroying since it’s just a short run where people can find Bugs and Glitches and Just explore the new editor of if its just a video or a Picture, even then I’m sure it will bring hope to lots of people here in this Nice community.

well, the last change to wick was 8 months ago… (https://github.com/Wicklets/wick-editor)

so, i don’t think we’re getting a new renderer in the near future.

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I don’t think that he Uploads unf finished stuff. that’s why I think a test run would be cool because in a recent post we saw a Picture of the new Render Menü and a test run could show at least the new GIU. I think the New Version is Stored on a server and as soon we get a version to test wick editor 1.20 the files will appear there

wait where did you find it

IDK, all the footage of 1.20 is scattered all around of the Wick Forums, but I think you can look through the replies from @Luxapodular . But that is ancient anyways since a University now manages WickEditor so the 1.20 will probably be different, if it even comes out