A very simple clicker game but actually not simple

ClickerV24-22-2022_10-54-38.wick (28.6 KB)

I made this clicker game in a few days, but the description system took most of the time. The description background is still buggy, and only works if “MainLayer” is the selected layer at start

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I made a more fleshed out version called “Monitor Clicker.”
Moniter Clicker5-3-2022_10-59-55.wick (3.3 MB)

New features:

  • Keyboard support
  • 10+ new clicker upgrades and another auto clicker upgrade
  • Width of project is longer
  • Each clicker upgrade has a description

Things to add:

  • A counter which shows total clicker power
  • A counter which shows total auto clicker power
  • More upgrades, like a shop, and more things to click which give more points
  • (possible) a leaderboard? Maybe host the leaderboard on replit or something idk

100k clicks lol

look at how many clicks I got
totally legit

the upgrades are cool, but the visuals need a lot of inprove