A Way of Showing Values (Console Logging)


I would really appreciate something like a print() or some debug just so I can see the values of some of my variables. I have tried this with text objects but I can’t figure out how to change the text in the 1.0 Alpha. If there already is a way to print to a console or change text objects, please let me know.



I know it isn’t exactly ideal, but if you’re using Google Chrome (and I’m sure most browsers have some equivalent of this), you can use its console. Putting this script in the default tab of the first frame of a blank project will print a random integer to the console each time you run the project:

var randomInt;
randomInt = random.integer(1, 10);
console.log("Generated random int: " + randomInt);

Edit: oh and the devs are working on dynamic text right now, should be working very soon!

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Yup - you can use your browser’s developer console for the time being.

We have plans for an builtin output/console window next to the code editor, will be coming in a future update~

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