A whole bunch of keyboard & mouse shortcut suggestions


Scrollwheel (when using the brush or other drawing tools)
increase/decrease stroke size: Pressure sensitivity for non-stylus folks.

+ / -
zooms in/out. Clicking on the zoom buttons is a hassle and some people don’t have mouses. Also, it’ll be nice to have the zoom focus on where the cursor is.

Centers and fit the viewbox.

50% zoom.

200% zoom.

tab / shift+tab
toggles between objects on the same layer: Sometimes it’s hard to select individual objects when they are close to each other.

ctrl+enter (when using the text tool)
finishes the text box.

double click (using the select tool too)
edits the selected text box.

undoes the previous action. A single keypress rather than two saves a lot of time when it’s probably the most common thing that people do.

toggles on/off onion skinning.

opens the project in a new tab is the file is .wick. Otherwise, add the file to the assets.

middle click (on a frame)
turns it into a keyframe.

Along the rest of the shortcuts from 0.10, which I’m sure you guys are already working on.



I agree with all of those, except Esc being undo.

Esc should be cancel/deselect, as it is standard in most programs.


  • When we have something selected, Esc would deselect.
  • When we are editing a CLIP, Esc goes back to project.
  • When using type tool, Esc ends typing.
  • More stuff I haven’t thought of yet…
  • When no of those apply, Esc would default your tool selection to cursor.


@Von_Bednar I agree with this and the suggestions above. I also have a few from Flash:

  • , (comma) and . (period) to move forward/backward one frame
    • This is already in! whoopsie :upside_down_face:
  • Ctrl-S to save as .wick (in Firefox it tries to save the Wick .html)
  • Ctrl-D to Duplicate
  • F5 to extend current frame
  • F6 to create a new frame
  • F7 to create empty frame (if function keys can be used in a browser app)
  • Maybe V to use the cursor tool. The current setting, C, makes more sense, but it conflicts with muscle memory in people used to Adobe software.
  • EDIT: G as fill tool. It’s currently F. Same issue as above.

(I keep editing this because I keep thinking of more :laughing:)

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Same. I know it that C is just next to it, but damn, my finger always just hits V :stuck_out_tongue:



Ooooooh, I have a really good one.

Ctrl-G to instantly create a Clip out of the selected objects. Basically a replacement for Flash’s Group feature.
From what I understand (correct me if I’m wrong), future versions of Wick will give you the option to put Clips in the asset library and re-use them (like symbols in Flash), but you won’t have to. So this feature can create clips that act as quick, one-off containers for other objects without clogging up your asset library (something that bugged me in Flash).

But unlike Flash’s groups, you can optionally animate them, re-use them, and add code!

Another little detail I’d love is if you press Ctrl-G with nothing selected, Wick makes an empty clip for you to add stuff into. This tiny feature comes in handy in Flash.



I forked the Wick codebase and I’m now implementing some of these shortcuts on this branch: https://github.com/kryptot7/wick-editor/tree/revised-keyboard-shortcuts

Here’s what I’ve added so far:

  • Cursor tool activates with both V and C
  • Fill tool activates with both G and F
  • Ctrl-S to Save
  • Ctrl-O to Open (broken at the moment)
  • Ctrl-G to create unnamed clip from selection (yipee!)
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That is awesome!

It would be awesome if it was incorporated in the main repo. I wonder if the Wick team accepts pull requests :slight_smile:

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Hey guys! We’re working on a contributors guide that will make it easier for us to accept pull requests from community members :slight_smile:. We definitely want the editor to be a community developed tool, we’re just figuring out the right steps!

More to come soon!



Neat! Can’t wait to hear more on this!



Thought of another one:
Ctrl - [comma] and Ctrl - [period]
Move back and forth through frames while the script editor is open. (The normal shortcuts, comma and period, will just type those letters.)