Ability to see untabbed code view


I understand that the new per function tabbed code editor view is easier for beginners but for more complex code (especially when custom functions) it’s MUCH easier to just see the whole thing.

Also there doesn’t appear to be a way to add custom functions in the new editor view is this intentional?



Hey @Elf_Ears,

We plan on experimenting with a single page code tab in the future. For custom functions, you should still be able to define them.

If the function needs to be used in multiple different tabs, the easiest way to do this is to bind them to the object in the load tab.

In the load tab, create a function like this:

this.functionName = function () {
  //function body
} ;

Now, you can access this function from anywhere else in your object.

If the function is only going to be used in 1 tab, you can just define it at the top of that tab normally.

function myFunction () {
  //My function's stuff...


Let me know if this helps! Hopefully, we can get the experimental single tab out soon!

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