About the alpha editor

Would love if theese corner thingys wasnt so big. Aswell that you need to hold down shift to scale proportionaly and not on by default.
i miss the slider setting stroke width on shapes, will it be implomented or droped off?
aswell custom layouts? maybe? pretty please?

Yeah, and I miss how adjusting sizes of things only affects the side you adjust and not both sides…

I miss the text options, in this you can’t even change the font. Which is very frustrating when the newgrounds game jam is all about classic newgrounds games, which always used crazy fonts.

Hey all, we’ve got a few updates coming that should smooth some of these edges. In particular, we have a text tool update that will be adding in the Google Font library (https://fonts.google.com/), font customization, as well as dynamic text that can be edited during gameplay!

Edit: And @Tsake, we plan on eventually updating the number entries to either have sliders that popover, or act like sliders themselves. That’s just been bumped a bit down in favor of some other features for now.

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Also, I can’t seem to find the hideCursor() function, are there plans to add that in?

Good news all,

I was able to get the font loading system ported over from the live editor! As soon as we push the update, all the fonts listed here will be available in the Alpha editor:


Also, @Baggef, the hideCursor function should be ported over to Alpha in the next few days~