Add a Vcam pls!


I think that the Vcam should be added for many reasons. I want to make some animations with the camera moving without resizing and moving EVERYTHING! Please respond when possible.


Hi Miner, I like what you’re suggesting is great ideal for the staff to look into, but what I do recommend is the tweening feature in the editor. And Because it is use for motion and bizarre effects that’s something to look forward into.


@Hector-G on the Wick Editor Forums had a pretty clever idea.

You could try to create a clip as a cam and put everything within. Then you only have to tween that cam clip to get the zoom effect

This is an example project that shows how this could be used. I’m currently trying to make a game where there is a movable camera and the screen isn’t limited to the default canvas.

v-camish-Jan2-2019-12.12PM.wick (10.3 KB)

Hopefully this can help you animators out there.


Okay I was able to make a top-down game with zombies and stuff.
top-down example-Jan2-2019-3.48PM.wick (3.2 MB)

It’s pretty buggy but it works.


Nice example!!!
Using nested clips is a very powerful technique (and a bit tricky though)

Here is a simple project, perhaps it is more focused to just animation rather than games:

Nested Clips Demo-Jan2-2019-10.46PM.wick (57.5 KB)

but hope it helps :grin:


I tried that before, but what if it takes it the frame whole scene. How will you know if it’s in the right place? :thinking:


If your clip takes up the whole frame and you need to position it, you could always take the background image and set the opacity to 0.5, and then set it back to 1 once you have positioned it.


If anyone was wondering how to get a vcam in your game, this is a basic example on how to do it.
I created a simple game template that looks as if it has a V-Cam on it.

New Project-Jan3-2019-1.32PM.wick (19.1 KB)

All I did was make the background move with arrow key controls and have my character and everything else stay centered on the screen. It makes the illusion of your character moving while the camera follows.