Add clips in asset library automaticlly


It would make everything so much easier.


Seriously, It is essential. I already screwed up my project because of this.


Hey @AJ_Thefiremaster, we agree. This is a pretty necessary feature. We’re currently working on another pretty big update for 0.15 (You’ll see it in a few days). Then we’ll be looking at the best ways to store clips in the library.

Mind telling us a bit more about how the project was messed up because you were missing this feature? It might inform our design a bit!


Wick is designed in a way that, If you were on frame 3 of a clip while editing it, and you go back to the root timeline, the clip in the root timeline will show frame 3 in the editor (not the “run” preview) instead of frame 1.
I was working on my intro for the game (I like to make the cutscenes in a movie clip to save timeline space) and I made a stopping point in a blank frame (I’ll admit, it’s sorta my fault) and now I can’t access the intro. So it forces me to start over.


Hey I think @Luxapodular fixed .zip file uploading on the forum, so if you message me your project I can recover the clip that you can’t access anymore (hopefully it still exists in the project - I should be able to add a dummy object in the first frame so it appears in your project again)