Allow aiff, aifc, m4a, etc.?


It’s tedious to always have to convert them and not be able to successfully convert and that whole process, so just allowing all those audio files would be a huge help.

Tank u!



Good news! Wick uses howler.js to load and play sounds, and it looks like howler now supports basically all the major audio filetypes (at least in firefox and chrome) now.

You can check this out by typing Howler._codecs into the developer console, this will show all the filetypes that work.

There may still be some issues with Windows/MacOS supporting different audio filetypes, so I’ll have to look into that. But it looks like we just need to add some extra settings to the file importer and wick should be able to load aiff and m4a!

I’ll try to look into this for the next update!