An app for iPad?


This website is really cool. It would be really cool to see it come as an app on the iPad, I know you guys have plans to release it as an program, but it would be really cool on the iPad. The reason I want an app is because I can’t always animate online. And the website doesn’t really work with iOS.


Hi there!

I definitely think a Wick iOS app would be killer - since the wick editor is web based, it actually shouldn’t be too difficult to port it to iOS.

The big problem we’re facing is more of a design challenge. For Wick to work on a touch screen, there would have to be a lot of changes (for example, the frames in the timeline are really small and hard to use on a touch screen).

Stay tuned though, it’s likely that we’ll get a designer to design the touchscreen interface in the near future :wink:


Sounds great. I’ve realized the problems with wick on a touchscreen. But it’s great on a computer. I think one of the difficult things would be getting it to work offline.