Animation Collab

Ok Here’s The Collab:

Ok so, the point of this Collab is for random people will take this file: My Project11-21-2020_18-57-15.wick (4.4 KB) and add there animation on the file (also can someone add a title)

And Also, Join as you can!

ok ill 2 collabs i guess

nvm ima not join

that’s ok i guess

Added a couch, that could useful…: My Project11-21-2020_19-30-26.wick (15.0 KB)

ill collaborate

ok: My Project11-22-2020_8-34-19.wick (15.0 KB)

here it is

it’s good but can you send me the file @anon85487110?

whoops I forgot to save it

Try using autosave to load the animation

I’m too lazy to turn on autosave

Autosave is already turned on (I wonder if it can be turned off?)

When you visit wick, it’s supposed to tell u if it has anything saved for you
(if it doesn’t, then it doesn’t have anything saved)

Ok looks like a cool collab, I improved the animation @anon85487110 made. Here!

why would you ping mdarshell here thats not helpful

can i join?

Don’t revive old posts and its been a year and theres been no new progress its probably not thriving anymore and ended.

sadge, ok…