AOT stick figure animation

This is all drawn in Wick Editor 1.19.4
The frame rate is 12 - 24 fps.
I usually just grind at whichever part I want
art so far:

Screenshot 2023-05-24 10.33.40 AM


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(casually teleports into topic)

just to be sure, is this intended to be one of the last frames?

Yes. To be clear, that’s me testing how the animation would look

oh aight, so anyway, where is the blue guy heading

ima be his animatior uber driver (or airer idk)

i gotta get off :/ so we can talk tomorrow

see you later

sorry about that :sweat_smile: Wich one?

i exist againg

Storyboard:My Project4-25-2023_9-41-09.wick (135.3 KB)

I’ll be adding key frames inside important clips. I’ll post it when I’m done.

aight ( i used to think frames and keyframes were different)

I’ll be doing the main poses

so like you do the poses then i animate them?

yeah, sure

so, you want to wat then you do the poses then I can start animating?

yeah. Right now it’s only a sketch though

ok i get it

I finished the storyboard and a part of the main poses. here:My Project4-25-2023_12-10-30.wick (355.0 KB)
Just go into the clip on the first frame.

I’ll do the some of the in-betweens for the rest of the main poses.

aight ok!!