Bone rigging

this is something im sure everyone wants

i would a tool that when using selection tool you could label a part as bones and give it a labels then when you press a certain key of choice it shows all the bones you have mabye it shows up as a dot or your able to move the line and control objects this can be used on more than just art of people but help animate animals,cars, ect

Ive already tried tween but it aint good for advance movement say on a human body

You can use clips for each Limb.
Its a good mix with tween aswell

yeah but bone rigging would be more convient

You can use the path cursor though.

Since @Luxapodular gave wick editor to Carnagie Mellon University no one is developing the sotware as far as I know.
It’s very unlikely that any feature suggestion could be integrated

For me i dont like bone animation, it dont work for everything, and there would be no way tome an limb that can move to the top of the head fr exagerated movement for example

You can always build your images in a bone animation software like Anime Effects and then import them into individual clips. Most gaming engines work this way. Check out Anime Effects here There are a few good starter tutes at , and


thanks for info

I’d rather use clips and anchor them. Or I’d just animate frame by frame. Or I’d just go back to Flash.