►►**Brick Player share your animation easier!** ◄◄▶NEW UPDATE◀

I would like to be part of the leader team if you don’t mind Brick player has a good future looks good

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I would like to work on the project

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@Brickstar_X got a remodeled logo for you

I think I’ll mostly do the ui changes than code but we’ll see

so where is the wick file @Brickstar_X

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Hello Great you here! I will send a version soon

Since you are one of the first you can :>

First WickFile:
Hello I’m very happy to see new People Joining! so here is the wick File


Brickplayer6-22-2021_16-45-59.wick (3.8 KB)

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First Task: make better UI

Hello, We are still open for new Devs and artists but we will Begin now with the First task! Better UI
The download is Here
Section 1: The Basic Menu for starting at every start there will be an option for well starting the movie or changing some settings This could @Brickstar_X

section 2: The ToolBar The Toolbar down below the screen is not very Pretty And it is there all the time my idea idea would be to make a code so that the Ui can hide when the Cursor not near. This could be @Jordy work

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I want in! If you give me some time i can actually make it play videos via link

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:O That would be great! you are in! Thanks for helping us out! :slight_smile:

Important update! The BrickPlayer is Getting a reimagine! It will be a Video Player for wick videos BUT! it will also be a MultiMedia player that can run Links from a video website!
That means we have now two features so too groups one is for the online video thing and the other one for WickVideos :>
At the start, the menu will be the option to start an Online video or play The Video installed on it.
also, marketing will be one mine Parts. I will try to get in animators to show their Animtons in the brick Player and share them via a wick. @Brickstar_X and @Jordy make some touches to the standard Giu. and @Watrmeln our newest member (Thanks for being here) is Going to start working on the Online video Feature if Both Groups are done we will sit together and try to merge it into one! New members are welcome!


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Uwu I like it ! Here are the new Logos

Also There will be two Options of a Video player. one for Commercial use. like when you want to Upload or share you animations then you can import them into the player and the user build with the option to load in a file to use online video option :>

Just finished this up!
BrickPlayer6-30-2021_15-47-43.wick (101.1 KB)

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Ok me and @Jordy will work on the user experience Thanks :smiley:

I also want to do ui and ux, i really like it

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Ok so I will start working later because I am very busy right now but ill work on it

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Me too but i have done some Tweaks to the Ui now BrickPlayer6-30-2021_22-04-02.wick (113.2 KB) Here it is

You can :smiley: but we all have to find one still. My suggestion is that we all make a mokup of the start page and then we will vote for the best one. It is late for me so i will do this tomorrow

I’m working on it right now you can rest

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