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I’m working on it right now you can rest

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@Watrmeln @Brickstar_X I wanna ask something how can you upload ur own animations?

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Copy paste

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I don’t quite understand explain

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My idea is that you bring the player into the animation. On a new layers. But there will be the consumer product with online video and (when it works) wick file

this is what I have for now BrickPlayer6-30-2021_22-51-15.wick (287.0 KB)

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Here is my Quick Sketch up

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Also The Html Player will look like this. The user is creating an animation and if they get the comercial version then they can just Import The .obj File so they dont have to Change The Animation into a size. but the Personal Version will have the Online Video and When it works the Option to import. but the cormecial version Just will have a start menu with Title name of the show/ Movie and some credits and there will be a start Button to load in to a Simole player. we need to be easy to use the user shouldnt have to resize the Things

Weekend break. Every two week ends or so i will make a break from working on most of the Project i recommend you to do this too

Ok I’m back on work now! I will make the basic player Gui and some of the code

ok :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello I Have done the Prototype of The player
Brickplayer7-10-2021_9-53-28.html (2.1 MB)

we will work on This when it comes to the wick Player

Here is how it will work Best Think i ever seen!
Heres an other one - —Neues Projekt

See The bar can hide when you do not hover over it You just have to Import the Giu to your animation that’s the Comercial use to share Thing

@Jordy @Watrmeln It would be Cool if one of you could Create The startmenu (Just a working Mock Up) one of our Team Then will create the Finale Starting menu for now I could Help with that

It would be also cool if we had a TimeLine

I will Work on some Animations to show of The Programm


We are in the top!!! and we have nearly 100 views!!!

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Ok, I’m Going to plan out our AnimationJam (not game jam). The Jam is For Marketing reasons People will share their animation over the Comercial version. I cant wait to see Our Programm Grow

@Jordy and @Watrmeln Hows The starting menu Doing you just need to do the working Buttons if you guys won’t I’ll do the design. also with some help from outside, we will Finally make the TimeLine. that will make the player Finalized and then we can Begin to distribute Our Player I thought Over E-Mail I managed to create HTML content Into E-Mails But we could also Distribute The Comercial version over Discord or something. The Public Version is Open for download So everyone can Download the HTML version with Online Video. Have a Great Day Team :smiley:

For new People who don't know This Project

Brick Player a Multi Media Player NOW OPEN! Look here for Infos

The Work on The Jam is Nearly done :> ALSO we are open for more People :D so if you are Good in coding Then pleas Consider working here

For new People who don't know This Project

Brick Player a Multi Media Player NOW OPEN! Look here for Infos

Also WE ARE ON THE TOP OF THE TOP SECTION! Thanks For everyone who Clicked on This Collab If you don’t want to miss anything about future updated from the player, then make sure the Clock is on image watching also you can image BookMark This Topic. Thanks for your Interest

Hey @Jordy and @Watrmeln Are you guys still active? I need to know for Planing

sorry for not being here was doing other things

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Thats ok Thanks for Awnsering

Ok @Watrmeln It is Important for me to know if you are still working on this Project otherwise I need to replace you Please Respond within the next one-two weeks. I and Jordy appreciate you here :smiley:

i’m here, just focusing on personal stuff rn

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Ah ok Thanks so I think We will make a Dev Break then for About a week who wants to go with it?

So that we cann all focus on other Thing for a while :smiley: and also other Projects like me with the new BrickStar Rating system

@Watrmeln and @Jordy Say if you dont want to make this break but i would appreciate it if some one would do just some more things but we cann all do this one other time :smiley: