BrickPlayer MP4

BrickPlayer MP4 (CodeName)

Hello! I’m excited to announce the BrickPlayer MP4! (<---- Code Name ) The BirckPlayer MP4 is allowing YOU to play MP4 stuff inside a wick Project! it’s not done yet but I have a good feeling that we will make this as successful as the Normal Birckplayer that gets a 2.1 Realise soon!
BIG Thanks to @Hamzah_Al_Ani for making basically all of the code and just giving it to me :)
You can always Join if you want!

video_-_TEST5-10-2022_23-52-33.wick (7.3 KB)

What is BrickPlayer MP4

The bricklayer MP4 is a NEW Project! it will make displaying MP4 very easy! It is a project to play MP4 Videos inside of Wick!

what skills are needed?


The time frame to join is form now to till the realise of the first version

Also new dev versions will be .wick files the final version will be an Zip file

The Project is leaded by me for now


Done :+1: I hope it is ok now :)

This seems like an excellent idea for a project and I hope that I can implement this on Kina OS when it’s finished.

Can’t wait for the release.


Hi, I am happy to hear that! You will be able to implement it BUT i have a Contact with another OS from @Towim as soon his OS is realised BrickPlayer MP4 will be available for everyone! also you :) so just wait for a little :>


It’s been some time that this collab had been a bit inactive, so I thought I might share some progress. I added some things including: some adjustments to the timeline, new volume slider, a mute shortcut ( m), loading sign (that appears when the video slows down or pauses to load), and some other small touches such as the skip forwards/ backwards buttons, full screen button, and the ability to drag through the timeline, along with some computer shortcuts.

Oh yes, and a “picture in picture” (pip) option!
Allows you to keep watching the video while visiting other tabs/ windows. It seems like a pretty helpful feature.

I’m looking forward to having it play local mp4 files, but I’ll work more on that after I complete a few more upcoming exams.

video - TEST.wick (13.2 KB)

We could possibly add an “explore” section that has animations/ videos people could watch through?

( Note: The video used in the project is one of blender’s open movie projects, all credits for it are in the video itself. I found the link for it here. The video is only an example)

We might need to create a new UI. If anyone would like to help in that area, feel free to do so, but keep in mind that simplicity is preffered in some areas.


wow! just wow!!! I didn’t think that this was possible! I will do the UI a bit and then we can publish it! Thank you SO much"

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Acctauly i think the UI is fine i wouldnt know how to improve it for now so I will Prepair it for Realise thanks for the INMOURMES help!!!

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Maybe this could even become a sort of youtube-like project


would be cool but i need an server for that :( and i curently only have a WordPress server

I agree, the current UI is good enough to be used. The project isn’t ready for release, however. We’ll need to add a menu, give this project a logo, & create a credits section (along with other things that I’ll be working on).

Good news is that these things are going to be easy to add, so we won’t need a lot of people working on this collab.

I was thinking the same thing as I was working on it
It is possible, though it’ll take time…

@Brickstar_X, should we try this ?

I won’t be able to work on this for some time, at least until I finish my physics exam

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Hi, the youtube idea sounds good! but we would all need to put some money into it because I think there is a coming server cost. and for the realization. I’m working on making a menu and getting a preview animation The logo is done I just have to get it into wick

Hey Guys,
I’m watching the topic since it’s beginning and I’m expementing with the code of the current test versions but right now it seems that the release of the BrickPlayer MP4 is pretty soon.

So, I want to ask if I can join the team before it’s too late, even if can’t contribute anything right now due to problems of understanding how to use iframes or video elements with wick editor.

But anyways, well done BrickPlayer MP4 team :clap:.

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Hi yes of course we are always welcoming new helpers to our team :D welcome @Towim and we will see you at the next update or our move in a youtube like direction? who knows?

Thanks @Brickstar_X.

Actually I’m starting to understand more of my initial problems after some reseach. (perfect timing?)
Right now I’m trying to make a new Ui and a new Logo. (It doesn’t need to be used, it’s should seen as a suggestion)

And if I could make a suggestion for the name of this project, I would call it “BrickPlayer PRO” because there is so much more potential within the MP4 Player Code.
I mean, after it’s said by you all in the topic, it could have the potential to become a youtube like project. Also I think that it is possible to do a MP3 / Audio-Player with this code base.

So I personally think that it deserves to be named “PRO”.

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maybe since it has all of the features we should give it a name that has wide scope somthing like Ultimate or Deluxe

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Maybe like BrickPlayer DX?

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I would put some money into it. But what if no one uses or knows about it? I mean we could host it on replit first.

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yea that sounds good!

Hi @Jordy and @Hamzah_Al_Ani So to our youtube idea, did you guys here about PeerTube? its an legal Peer to Peer service for users to upload there videos ( as long it is ok with copyright of course ) maybe we could do something like this too with our player we just need to make a system that implements the videos from our own site to the player. what do you think of the idea?

This would allow us to have an BIG Storage, we would easily connect our instances to create a big platform we everyone only pays for the server cost of their videos. we would need to make a system like this though