Bugs that I am facing with Wick Editor (auto resizing, positioning, layer index)


I am facing 3 bugs at the moment which have been there for quite a while.

Bug 1 and 2:
Auto resizing and Auto Position changes of objects when clicking the play button. This happens from time to time and not every single time this happens. But when it happens it is not good. This is only happening on a certain object that I have in my file, so don’t know whats actually causing it.

Bug 3:

I am not able to place one clip on top of another. So if a clip is in a position first and I move another clip over there, then the newly moved clip cannot be placed over the existing clip. The send backward and forwards buttons do not work.
Like say I can’t even have a text field on top a clip.

I am currently streaming my game dev session on twitch so if anyone can help me, it would be great thanks !!



For bug #3, did you make sure the object you want in front is a Clip or Button and not a path? I’ve found that paths and text fields cannot be on top of Clips for some reason.

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Yes, it is a clip,.

I have a use case where text too comes on top of clips, but as you said that’s not working as well. So I put the text in the clip, like double clicking it to go into the clip and put the text there.

Update: Sorry it was a path :sweat_smile: Just now I checked. I was drawing a rectangle and couldn’t get it on top of the clip. And I didn’t think of converting it to a clip. My bad. I will convert it a clip and update here soon.

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Okay, glad you found the problem :smile:
I don’t really understand what you mean by auto position and auto resize, but could they be related to this bug I found?



Ah I dont think its related with your issue.
As I think its related to how I click my objects on screen. Like, when I click on the objects sometime, they move because sometimes there is a slight movement while clicking right. I have to be super carefull while clicking objects.



Sorry you’re running into these issues @surveshJones. For the clip/path ordering, we are trying to work on a few interface elements that will make it clearer that they clips will always be in front of paths on the same layer. This is a limitation with how rendering currently works…

As for objects moving when clicked, we found a similar issue in a few projects we’ve been working on but haven’t been able to track the source down. Are you able to trigger this bug on command in an way?

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No I am not able to replicate this bug everytime. Sometimes this happens :sweat_smile:.