Can someone tell me what to animate

Can someone tell me what to animate related to slime, I think I don’t have a lot of ideas

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Äh what about working on this ideas Give me an idea! - The Wick Forums - The Wick Editor Forums You should do them before asking for new ones but i would recommend making a Funny Little short with an Original Character

I deleted it by mistake so I want a new idea

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what kind of short funny animation

I’m gonna start making an animation, and yeah the original slime is the main character in 3D if I can do it

An animation about a character that soent all his skill points on strength but if someone punches him his gonna be so weak (but not his punches) idk

ahh Ok, maybe I’ll do it, I don’t think it’s that hard.

for now this is my progress
Slimes_animations.wick (122.9 KB)
that frame were the slime slips, I actually did it by luck.

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spinning cube?

like how a spinning cube?

Maybe an ice cube rotating/spinning until it is completely melted.


what if a slime blob forms into a humanoid?

Maybe I’ll do it

sorry I will not do it

btw guys I’m not gonna animate humans or animals ssssssoooooo, don’t suggest those kind of animations

but an ice cube or a slime is normal or any kind of object

guys this is my progress for now
Slimes_animations.wick (145.1 KB)
please when I end the dash motion withoute dash, can someone participate and put dash in that motion because I think I can’t do it my self.

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what dash motion?

like when a character in a platform game is about to fall and he uses then what we call “Dash”.

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then ill do it!
sounds pretty fun actually