Can There Be More Examples?


In the examples page, can we have more examples for other genres of flash games (like platformers)? Because the examples focuses mainly on using the mouse, maybe some more complex examples and the usage of the keyboard would help

Can there be examples on the basic stuff of more polished games? Such as the physics of the game, controls, levels (hopefully while retaining the things the player has obtained), animated objects and interactions with the game world.

If any of the development team (or anyone associated with them) sees this, thanks for reading this, a response about this would be nice.


Hey @J2004, we plan on making A BUNCH of examples and tutorials in the coming months! We have a list of more than 30 tutorials we think we should make for the Wick Editor (including game examples) we’re aiming to put together!

I like the suggestions of games and keyboard tutorials. Have any other suggestions?