Can you play a video in a project?


I don’t want to just put the video link in a project, I want it to be playable in the project.
It’s also for the Wick Copilot thing I’m making. I want to put a YouTube link in my project that can be playable in the project.



I don’t think Wick’s renderer supports video playback, but maybe it could be added to a later version or faked with (very advanced) code.
For example, Wick could convert a video file to a Clip with a different image from the video on each frame. Then you can use Wick as a simple video editor: put videos together, add animation, cut out frames, etc.

Actually, if your video is very short, you could do something like this yourself by converting your video into an image sequence (outside Wick) and then manually inserting each image into a Clip. Don’t know if that would lag, though. And most videos have 24 frames or more every single second, so it’s a lot to deal with!

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A great feature would be if when
Wick imports gifs, it automatically turns each
frame into a frame inside of a clips timeline instead of just putting
the frames into the assets library.
You could easily put your video into Wick then with a small bit
of editing.