Can you publish your own game to Google Play Store or any App Store?

I don’t know if there’s such a feature like this, but I would really like it if the devs add that feature since I’ve always wanted to be a game developer publishing fun games on the Google Play/Apple App Store. It would be a dream come true if you add this suggestion :D

Also, I am still a small Game Developer making a website on the side, so I would really like it if someone replies.

As usual, ty!

Hi @Tronical,

as I am in the process of looking to publish my own app to the Google Play store, I can tell you this is no easy road. You need (understandably) to jump through a whole lotta loops to get this done. In the end, packaging a (HTML)-app into an apk might not be the hardest part of this process.
You need to be validated by google with a developer account, etc etc. Then the app needs to go though a review proces, at which point Google has the right to not accept the app. (Makes sence, but stilll.)

Integrating this whole process in an other webapp (what wick is, after all) seems like a very tall order, of not flat out impossible.

And all this is not even talking about Apple… they are way worse - not to say draconian…

I would say that the efforts of the dev’s will be better spend on other, more mundaine things…




Will you make a thread here if you find a good method for turning Wickeditor apps into Android and/or iOS apps? I’d be very interested to know more.


yeah, I will do that, but that will be several months… I am very busy at the moment; first I’m trying to get my app (with wick animations in it, but not standalone) into the Android store. Best way to get gray hair…!
My goodness, that takes a lot of steps and keeping your fingers crossed.
But if I get there, I will post it here…




I have the same question but I want to make the HTML into an .exe file for Windows


thanks @Cleetus_Kernel

I figured out it doesn’t work somehow