Cannot Create New Frames using . and , V. 1.0


So in the older version (legacy version) when you would press > (or ‘.’)on the keyboard it would go to the next frame, but it would also add a new frame. In the newest version, that is not the case, it just says it says it won’t. Please restore the feature of using < and > or , and. (mainly . and ,) because it made it so you can’t go fast.
Phantom Pictures



I think it’s useful to be able to precisely move through the timeline without changing it, though.
What if Alt-. or Alt-, add frames while . and , alone do not?
Or better yet, automatically create a new frame if a user tries to make shapes on an empty part of the timeline. (Right now, the tools are disabled when you do that.) That way you can use the tools to draw the next frame and it will create a new frame for you.

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