[Collab] CorruptedTale (Rpg Game)

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[Collab] CorruptedTale (Rpg Game)

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Making a rpg game that is inspired from undertale

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October 26 2021 - May 1 2022

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Make a weapon/item or a character that can be used to for the game.
Note(it doesn’t need to have code or animation). They can submit anytime

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User should submit their work through wick files

  1. Project Leads: Who is leading this project? Is there a team?

Currently right now UnknownShadowEagle

Latest Version Of The Game Click Here

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Welp Im get back to working on this project

Imma work on the U.I system for the game. And also work on the assets.
I dont know when imma make the main character yet.
I cant make a simple cog for the setting :laughing:

Their appears to be some issue now :frowning:

Latest Version:
Wick File Click Here

Can I help?

Yes, you can help

What do you think you can help with?

I can work on coding…

What do you think you can add to improve the game a bit

I can add a few of the monsters.

That would be nice.
Tho Im currently working on a fighting mechanic kinda like deltarune

Ill try to finish it today
so you know what I mean

Ok. Thanks

Once im done you can make the enemies if you wan to of course

Here the the wick file for the fighting mechanic it still not done
their no way to heal yet

Tho you can change the attacks damage and stuff like that
Only attacking works

Fighting Mechanic Test (12.7 KB)

Right now their can only be one enemy with this
But I’m planning to add up to 4 enemy max during a battle
Of course their will be more than just 4 enemy’s just that you can fight 4 enemy max at a time

Made a small demo
Fighting Mechanic Test
You do massive damage only because it’s the introductory monster. You have to survive 1 turn before your turn, where you attack and finish him

You’ve done a great job with this. Very well done

Tho I think the this will be difficult monster for a introductory monster.
Their to much projectiles which makes it difficult for a new player
Their is a way to turn down the amount of projectile that will show up.

Where it says if(project.count >=5) you can change the number, higher the number is, projectile spawn less frequently if it lower the faster the projectiles spawn

if(project.count >=5)
b = projectile.clone()
b.x = project.width;
b.y = random.integer(85, project.height - 50);

a = projectile1.clone()
a.x = project.width;
a.y = random.integer(85, project.height - 50);

c = projectile2.clone()
c.x = project.width;
c.y = random.integer(85, project.height - 50);



Changed it to 20.

Fighting Mechanic Test11-1-2021_8-07-50.wick (37.3 KB)

I think this helps split up the attacks more.