[Collab] CorruptedTale (Rpg Game)

As soon as I’m done with the Fighting Engine imma start to work on the game then the OS

Imma make a bird eye view of the whole game so we can have an idea of the game places noted that this is not going to be the final version of the map for the game it can be changed

So, there gonna be a api for the engine this api will make it easier for you guys to make custom attacks and stuff like that so what I’m saying is that the engine will be released next not this week ;-; unless you guys don’t want this api to be made and implemented ;-;

We should start working on the game ;-;. So far it seems like we’re making barley any progress from the last time I updated the OS.

Im almost done with the Fighting Engine I decided not to make a api of some sort since it will take long and the game hasnt been actually been worked on well, this is so I can focus more on the game and also planning to re write all of the code for the game

I agree. Also, I got a bit distracted working on the Lab.

It ok,
I’m almost done with the engine shoulf be out to today or tomorrow. Though it make contain issues with it ;-;

Imma release it tomorrow since I found a bit of an exploit that the player can literary one shot the enemy doesnt matter how much health the enemy has ;-;

Glad you caught that now rather than later.

true, though they’re might be more bugs that can be unaware of

I should eventually start working on the lore and this arg ;-;

I made I guess a website for the Shadow Team ;-; just wanted to let you guys know it not done im still trying to learn how to using html, css, javascript
ShadowTeamWebsite.html (4.1 KB)

Also im delay the engine due to more bugs ;-;

Nice job!

The fighting engine is almost it took a bit longer because I wanted to change some things it will probably be out today or tomorrow I promise

Ok. I am trying to make more ideas for monsters.

Ok, hope you do well

Hmm, looks like it going to take a bit longer although here is my progress with the engine it not done the monster your fighting is called Entity x- 1
And creatures named Entity are meant to destroy corruption but at the end they became the corrupted.

Enemy attacks are not finished
And Act button
Items button is being worked on

Fighting Engine (212.2 KB)

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Items have been finshed
Both attacks and items are being worked on once they bot finsihed ill add a few more things for the engine so it looks nicer and try to have the average fps above 20 or 25

Ok so, fighting is now done just need act and the the option to add more actions to do

The engine will posted soon it would be out but the things my body has been feeling weaker and I want to get as much rest as I can ;-;