[Collab] CorruptedTale (Rpg Game)

Version for the fighting mechanic engine is now out
Acting is now finish tho will be changed in the furture when the enemy stops attack the enemy will have diolog
I was going to add here but I got lazy :-:

CorruptedTale will start to be work on a bit
Mostly going to adding different location then npc then quest then add more things plus the fighting mechanic and lastly add some lore with the story of the game

Fighting Engine | Version 4 (75.7 KB)

OK. I will work on more concepts, then focus on CorrupTale

ok, got it

I think I will also do some concepts for battles
Since I need some inspiration for each location

I made a mini-boss concept
tho it not done I just want to show what I’ve got and if I should keep working on it
Though warning the mini boss is quite difficult
and also it a bit laggy
Mini-boss concept (123.5 KB)

Ice cream truck miniboss (158.1 KB)

Made it an ice cream truck.


It’s an ice cream truck

Also I think I should mention that the upward-moving spikes have a small homing effect.

Nice concept
Keep up the good work

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can I join?

currupted char concept battle Fighting Engine _ Version 411-7-2021_19-58-31.wick
there are 3 ways to beat the battle
1: kill it
2: act and step away 5 times lowering your damage
3: act and touch 2 times

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Sure, you can join

Very nice concept keep up the good work

ok, when making a concept for a battle
Please include the following things

Creature Name
A bit of background story
How to defeat the creature
Stats of the monster for example base damage, health, etc.

Also i’m very proud for the people who have participated it makes me happy seeing people doing a project that I didn’t expect to have people help me work on it, it been a fun journey so far and I hope this game comes out well and inspired other people to do something big. And I hope this game also becomes a well known game to this community. (I probaly made this game to have high standards ;-; )

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the currupted char could just be a random encounter boss and be in a currupted area
damage: base damage
health: base health

I edited my enemy Fighting Engine _ Version 411-8-2021_16-32-37.wick

I was going to make a support enemy,


Autosave didn’t work

And I lost my progress

Haha, flunk THAT English teacher!

dang I do that to

what was the fight going to be like?

It would summon spikes along the edges, making the room you can move around in smaller

nice and if you touch the walls you get hurt

I will probably remake it tomorrow