Collab: Small rhythm game + mod

Title: Collab Small rhythm game polished.
Topic: Show your work, Collabs, Game dev
Time Frame: April 1st, 2022.
Submission Requirements: To join you just need to submit a wick file of the updated game.
Project Requirements: Upload wick files only, we need to be able to edit them.
Project Leads: Everyone who polished the game

Hello everybody this collab is for the small rhythm game made by @pumpkinhead originally, you need to submit the wick file of the project if you added a feature, here the latest wick file

one more thing @pumpkinhead said that he considers this version of the game as a mod so It’s not the game so because of that It’s a mod maybe lets call it Rythmania Polished mod. vote yes or no

  • Call it Rythmania and add polished mod to the end
  • or no

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@Jordy, @gamer_boi, this collab has been approved until November. If the topic is still healthy on November and you guys need more time, then we will grant more time.

Since you are the leader, you are responsible to keep this topic clean, without spam, and unnecessary chit-chat. Make sure that everyone follows the rules:

Best Luck - Jovanny


latest file
also i know i dont lead the project but i just wanna do a role call

  • I’m working on this

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can someone do a chart for the sans level thats hard? also I added some other stuff

Ima do what I can

also witch looks better


or this

  • top
  • bottom

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I will say bottom if u fix the shape and make it symmetric

I made it as best as I could

I changed my mind I like the top one better

yeah me too I’m still finishing the song called feeling

where is the sans song

on the last frame

yeah but where is the music

ok I’ll check it out later I’m busy rn

you going to do it @Jordy?

yes in a sec

but there is no sans song imported

the song is called MEGALOVANIA (320 kbps).mp3 just go to frame 10