Collab: Tank Game

Tank Game (This will change)

Game concept:

This collab is about a small top view tank game. The player controls a tank and destroys
the other vehicles controlled by Alien creatures. The player will buy tank improvements
with rewards coins. Coins are obtained when you destroy an enemy vehicle.

Time Frame:
May 24th 2022 to September 2022

Art Style:
Green and White drawings with a stroke thickness of 3 … That’s it, easy right?

Submission Requirements:
I need 3 Enemy Designers. People just need to submit .wick files with drawings of enemies’ ideas,
so they can be incorporated somehow into the game. If you submit an enemy, try to explain
how the enemy will behave. The enemy roster will be updated and shown within this collab to
avoid people submitting similar enemies.

Current Enemies:

Project Requirements:
Wick files

Project Leads:
Jovanny Rodriguez

More details:
Role 1: Programmer and Maintainer - @jovanny
Role 2: Animator - @bluethe_bot_academy
Role 3: Enemy Designer 1 @MrDashell
Role 4: Enemy Designer 2 @Hamzah_Al_Ani
Role 5: Enemy Designer 3 @awc95014


i can be an enemy designer!


Hi @MrDashell, when do you think that you can come up with some drafts?

anytime at all.

i know I busy but my mind wont stop thinking about this collab and i was very excited to animate so
i made some animation for the enemy (i was animating it when I take a break) :

latest update (1:14pm 26 may) :
tank collab project5-26-2022_13-08-16.wick (232.1 KB)
and yeah if there is some idea about the animation ,just tell me and i put it here (i will edit here…)


Thanks. These are nice, but I have something different in mind for you. I haven’t prepare the details knowing that you are busy until June… I think that I could start doing some drawings and descriptons.

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. >w< I didn’t expect that …and thats make me more excited to see what you planned :star_struck:

I was thinking in define some characters for the game… Let’s start for now with the Shop Owner… The game has a shop to improve the tank’s abilities… To make this easy, since you already draw good cat-like characters, the Shop Owner could be similar to that… Here is what I was thinking…

The shop owner should have the following animations:

  • Idle Animation:
    Occurs When: When is doing nothing and is waiting for the user to select or buy something.
    Animation Details: It could blink, the hair could be a little bit animated.

  • Informative Talking Animation:
    Occurs When: The user is doing mouse hover on an item. (I’ll be programming that)
    Animation Details: General talking animation. It should be short and cyclic, so I can repeat it until he finishes explaining the item.

  • Not enough money Animation:
    Occurs When: The user tries to buy something but he doesn’t have enough money for it.
    Animation Details: Moving/rotating his head/neck like when we say no without talking. Or maybe, I think is easier… an animation of his eye in a suspicious shape (like almost close, but not close) like he is thinking that the user wants to rob him.

  • Thank you Animation:
    Occurs When: The user buys something with enough money.
    Animation Details: The Shop owner is never happy, but he is a little when someone buys something… Maybe when the user buys something he could do some kind of Malicious smile… not sure… it is open for your creativity.

Remember, everything is in green fills (#5AD797) and white lines. As for the lines, stroke size is kind of open for the characters. Keep in mind that his body will be behind the Shop rectangle (as per the drawing above), so you don’t need to draw the entire Shop Owner.

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We need support on the enemy department. I’ll appreciate ideas for small enemies and or bosses.

well I think for the design of the character and i got some idea of the animation
and i cant decide which one is the best animation for the idle,not enough mony animation,thank you animation…so yeah…
this is the draft so you gotta choose the best animation ( idle,not enough mony animation,thank you animation) before i animate (i will animate after my exam week(the busy week)) :
character design:

Idle Animation:

Not enough money Animation:

Thank you Animation:

if there anything to add or fix tell me(i will edit /change here) :sweat_smile:


Hey. Exams, school, collage always is the priority. We have plenty of time after your exam.

Goog drawings. Shop Owner should not be cute. Leave the cuteness for the other character(s).

Idle 1 is.fine, but without the cuteness.
Suspicious 1 or 2 are fine.

Payed 4 is great for the game.

Great job. Talk to you after you finish your exams.

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@MrDashell do you have something? I’m currently in a point that I can add new enemies to the game.

Ill think of something and when i do ill ask you if it would be a good idea to add.

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What about enemy drawings… ?

I can join as an enemy designer if that’s alright

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I would love it. Thank you!

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i have a few ideas for enemies…

  • a tank or other vehicle that can lay down mines every so often. (if it’s a tank, it probably will act the same as the tank that already exists in the game.) the mines have a certain blast radius which the player can visually see.
    • the cooldown for mines is X seconds (maybe 10 or 15), but if the player touches a mine, it blows up immediately. (and maybe for the laughs, other tanks can blow up from them too.)
  • a driller that can dig underground. it moves fairly slowly, but it has more health and it is immune when underground.
    • the player is damaged when touching the drill because, well, drill go spin-spin.
    • the drill occasionally digs underground and appears where the player was at the time of going underground. there are particles to show where the driller is underground.
      • if a mine from above-ground explodes there, then maybe the driller will also take damage.

i might make drawings later.


Thank you @awc95014, I think we have a great team.

Here’s an idea:
Some type of ground turret or mounted machine gun
(I’m not good with weapon names)

(I tried to keep the design basic, though looking at it now it might need some editing)


  • Shoots Quicker than tanks


  • Can’t move at all
    (Player can take cover from it more easily)
  • Needs to “cool down” every now and then
    (Allows room for player to leave their cover)
  • Doesn’t deal as much damage as tanks

Enemy Design - Test.wick (8.3 KB)

( Fun Fact: I just learned that tanks were cemented into the ground during WWII 🤔)
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I really like it. The wick file is nice. Here are the modifications… I simplified the drawing a little, but it’s still your design. I’ll incorporate it soon.

Screen Shot 2022-05-31 at 10.08.36 PM

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