Community Creations Tab


I really think a community creations tab gets added so other people can share there animations/games on Wick! It would be a great way to find ideas and really get something out of Wick.


We’d love to eventually get some community creations on the website! I was talking to KingOfCoders earlier in Wick Project Sharing Website about our current focus on sharing across the web in as many ways as possible for now.

What sites would you recommend that have good sharing systems you’d like us to emulate?

Before we get that up and running though, we’d love to see what you’re making with Wick! Feel free to upload them to the forum for now.


I have an idea about, in where it would be a lot like that


P.S. Check out my projects on (zanepaulshaw)! There awesome! (No spam included in this reply :wink: )


Ok! :slight_smile:


Maybe Dropbox, a Vimeo plugin, CodeCanyon?
P.S. What website designer are you using? If you are not, tell me the base script.


I’m an elementary teacher who uses Scratch often with students to teach them how to code. The sharing feature is an excellent idea, because as of now, students don’t have a way to share their Wick creations. I’m going to try Wick with 3rd graders tomorrow. We’ll share our HTML files on a Google doc so they can be downloaded and then opened in the Chrome browser. It’s a couple of extra clicks, but not a deal breaker.


@dclough we’d love to see those projects! For the sharing website, we have some ideas. We’re looking into ways to sustain it!


Third graders were able to use Wick today! We did a project about making change. They loved it :heart_eyes: We uploaded the HTML files to our learning platform (called Schoology). When the students clicked each others’ links, the file downloaded, then they clicked the downloaded file to open it in the browser. It worked fine that way. I put them all into a ZIP file and shared it on Google drive so parents could see them too. Here’s the link to the ZIP file if you’d like to look at the projects (keep in mind they are 3rd graders and we did it in an hour and half) :wink:
I will definitely be using this more, and I’ll share it with my team.


These are so awesome!!! Tell your students that we think they did an incredible job!