Could all of us make a wick movie

I have been recently using wick and i think that it can be capable of making a movie i have seen artists,coders,gamers we could all make a wick movie and you know (maNY PEOPLE WOULD KNOW WICK) so do you think its possible?
we could like upload it to newsgrounds or youtube


I think it’s possible, but you would need to optimize wick so it doesn’t lag.

:white_check_mark: It’s possible to do this inside Wick Editor
:white_check_mark: There are methods to avoid/ deal with most bugs/ issues
:x: Not enough people might be able to help (it’s a small community)
:x: Time consuming, which would make it difficult to maintain motivation

As long as there’s a good leader behind this idea and a good plan for how to accomplish this (along with a strong team), it should be easy to deal with any issues that may rise while working on such a project.


about what?


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Cool idea but how will it work?
Is it like a multi animator project

yup were coding meets animation


I had heard about Wick a few years ago and I am just getting back into it again. Maybe a short-film or something could work wonders for Wick, especially if it had a “playable” version to go with it showcasing interactivity :slight_smile:

how do i play e


@Brickstar_X AND I have already devised a plan a few months back about doing this!!!

  1. We both came up with the idea of doing short episodes…so we don’t lose motivation.

  2. A lot of tweening will be used

  3. No voice actors are needed…we could add subtitles or show action for the characters

  4. We divide work…I’m a good artist…so you all give me rough layout of the background and I make it cooler…

  5. The main characters have been designed!!!

WICK IS THE MAIN CHARACTER…he doesn’t talk much and he has 3 best friends and they all go on weird, awesome adventures…

Here are the all main characters:
Wick Characters12-23-2022_18-13-24.wick (2.3 MB)

The story’s halfway done for 1st episode:

Basically… a long time ago…in the village of Hidden Creek (not official…might change the name), a disaster struck…

The Royal King had 2 sons…(I don’t know their names). One of the sons turns his back toward the village and goes rogue. He attacks the village with these giant wick monsters known as the Dark Giants. Luckily, the Royal God of the Hidden Creek descends down and is able to curse that evil son, banish him to the Dark Realm (underworld), and seal him for a long time. He tells the village that a warrior in the future will soon be upon the lands of the village and will be the destroyer of the evil son.

In the present day…The Royal King’s 2nd son is the head of the village now. Then…out near the forests…we see a candle magically appear and a drop of wax from the candle falls.


To be continued…

I could lead this project … maybe and if everyone’s fine with it cuz…I am great at animating and stuff here and I have a youtube channel with 100 subs where I post my animations. If you want to see my animation skills, watch this Wick Editor Animation Contest Winner video:

Comic Studios’ MOON | Sneak Peek | Oliver Orange | John Apple | Christopher Melon

So, I have a good history/reputation with animation…I’m fine if you guys are not fine with me as your leader…but I can still contribute!

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wow! that is a lot of thinking?

Well…Me and @Brickstar_X have been thinking this for a long time…

Yo can I join?
I will accept any role.

Can i join. I’ve been not animated in a while and i want to get back into it!!!

can i join doing a bit slect area

My Project1-9-2023_11-49-13.wick (21.2 KB)

My Project1-9-2023_11-49-18.html (2.1 MB)

yo i wanna join

yes! we can now finally do that @Pranav_Diddi now that so many people want to join.
I can start animating but… we should really split the work up, so we need to divide the story into Blocks all the animators get a block to animate, and the background designer’s should work together WIth each other so that we have a consistent background style

But @Pranav_Diddi i cant draw in wick anymore, it is totally broken for me! i draw like 1 second then the brush stops and creates a Line so i can only animate

also, its this movie just about like the wick ghost or it can be about like, our characters (just want a clarification)

also, this is my second 3rd time doing a duel, and as i was making it, the fill bucket was working less as good as it started, the same thing might happen while making this so the way i countered it is by puting each object that i know would take the longest to color into a clip and color it in the clip, it might make it take longer but, its the only way i know to get the fill bucket to work faster