Could someone show me how to make a game character jump on some elevated platforms?

I have no coding experience AT ALL. Could someone show me how to make a game with a character that can jump on elevated platforms? Thanks…

Someone named Revon is good at coding in java script. You can find a project he coded to make a circle jump on a platform, and use the code he plugged in. Trust me, he’s good at coding!

Here’s a link to find his project

Hope you find what you were looking for!

This seems pretty broken to me. The character jumps all over the place sometimes and clips through things.

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I made this just to mess around. You might be able to combine it with Revon’s code to get a more advanced platforming code that works. My Project4-28-2020_2-56-16PM.wick (48.2 KB)

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Ya it is pretty broken, its ok tho… Thanks Hamzah

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@wcb, how would I make multiple platforms that the character can jump on? I made another platform called (floor2), but I don’t know how to implement it into the character’s code. pls help

I’m using project that you gave me btw

You’re basically asking me to write a tutorial here which I don’t really have time to do. I hacked that up in a very short time just to give you an idea what you need to implement for basic gravity and platforming. If you want to make a game I do not think wick is ready for that. Wick at this point is only good for experimenting as there is not much you can do at all with the API. I would recommend an easy to use 2d game engine like Defold or GDevelop.

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Alright thanks

So, I’ve worked on an update to my “pixel perfect collision” Version 1 (to Version 2 (wick 1.16.1 to wick 1.17)) for a while now, and I should upload it by tomorrow (May 5th, 2020). I still need to work on my code comment documentation and a new topic for it. I’m not bad at programming, I can make my theories into practice if I know how to do it (Physics, mathematics, formulas, debugging, etcetera) (I’m still in high school, I’d still need to learn these stuff). These things BREAK my mind! :sob: Tho once I finish it I got a sense of accomplishment :grin:

Here’s a glimpse

“pixel perfect” collision version 2

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that’s quite the math right there… can’t wait to test it out though!