Do Folder's Exist?

What Wick Editor Version are you using?

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I need to know if folders exist and how to use them because my animation includes many people (each body part has its own layer) and with at least like 5 people in there it’ll be hard to navigate

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Yes, folders exist!

If you would like to save your whole project in one file on your device, you could click the image button, or use the computer shortcut, ctrl+S, to download a Wick file of the project :)

To open the file, you could easily click the image button, or drag the file into the editor!

If you would like to download separate clips you made in the editor, you’ll have to select the clip you want to download, and use the shortcut, ctrl+E, to save a Wick Object file on your device!

A Wick Object file could be added in the asset library in the down right corner, by clicking the image upload button, and selecting the file you want!

If you would like to save a file as an mp4, gif, interactive html/ ZIP, wav, SVG, or even as a zipped png image sequence, you could use the image export button in the top right corner, and you’ll get the options you need!

I should note that if your using the mobile app version of the editor, you won’t be capable of downloading files since this feature wasn’t added yet in the mobile editor.

Hopefully this answered your question, though feel free to let me know if you still need help with anything :)

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i thought he was asking the layers folder like adobe animate…when you got lots of layer and want to combine into a file layer…>u<

and thanks @Merabet_Abdenoure for corrected me on grammar

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Oh whoops, I’ve never used Adobe Animate before which is why I was confused for a moment, thanks for explaining it!

I’m not sure if this exists in wick, though it would be a great feature to have in the future :star2:



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The past tense of think would be “thought,” not “though”.
I believe Blue’s first language isn’t English. It’s okay, as long as we understand what is being spoken about. Since we know Blue means “thought” there is no need to worry.



Ok I am wrong in a sense but the point is not to shame him, I don’t want to let him be inattentive about it, and of course we all make mistakes (like the one that I did just now).


anyways out of the topic I got the point accros

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