Dress Up Friendly Components?


Heyo! So, I’ll try to make my introduction as brief as I can: I’m a flash veteran and grew up using it mainly for dress up games. Love, love, love them! Kids love them too, and always asked me how I made them(sorry Timmy, it would take a few hours to teach, and several hundred dollars to buy the program needed). As creative as I was with it, I’m not a full-on programmer. I basically googled specific tutorials for the actions I wanted and would adjust the coding to my own needs to create super customizable “dolls” in my games. Over the years though, Flash programs have become too expensive to own for the amount of work it takes for me to create my games, and hearing that they would no longer be supporting it stomped out my interest in sticking with it.

Then I found Wick! I absolutely love it! I started playing with it and was delighted to find that I could create a basic dress up with it. (I wasn’t sure where I could upload .html files, so I just have it on my dA stash if anyone wants to see: https://sta.sh/0iab51mhxzp The download button is to the right.) I already have a project cooking in my brain that I can start creating using what I’ve learned to do in Wick so far.

Alright, sorry for the paragraphs, but I tend to be a long-winded person.

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So anyway, this would be a Question/Suggestion, only if this kind of feature or coding isn’t already supported or possible to do with Wick(as I mentioned, I’m not a programmer, so I wouldn’t know where to begin testing it). The first one would be the ability to add in a code so that when someone is actually playing the game clicks a button, it will save the current display as a .png or .jpeg to their computer. It’s a very convenient and useful function for people that want to make dress-ups, as it allows for folks to easily save their creations to their computers without needing to know how to take a screenshot of their desktop(you will not believe how many times I have been asked, “How do I take a screenshot?” even after I included directions in the game itself). In Flash, such an action was only possible with AS 3.0. I’ve looked into HTML5 myself, and I’ve seen that it’s possible to do there, as well as javascript, but I always feel overwhelmed trying to learn a new language, so I didn’t progress far.

The second thing would be something like a color picker component to use in your game that could be customized? Maybe it doesn’t need to be super fancy. I would honestly just be happy with the ability to make a hex code picker that would change the color of a clip with a button press. My flash coding is a bit rusty, but I think I used something along the lines of a bitmap retriever that used an image, and when clicked, it changed the color of another clip to the color of the pixel that was clicked on. I used a “current color” clip as a setup, then whatever color the clip was, when you clicked another button for a specific part of the doll, that doll piece would change to the current color of the “current color” clip. If you’re curious to see what I mean in action, here’s a few of the games I made using the color picker components: (1)http://fav.me/d2ytg7v (2)http://fav.me/d5yqawm (3)http://fav.me/d8o33cl
People like convenience and customization, so you can kind of see how I evolved the picker and improved it by figuring out how to combine different types of pickers that all worked together. You can pick from a palette of rainbows, a set amount of colors, or simply use hex codes.

And then there’s just one thing about the Path Cursor. I see that you can add a new point(yay!) but I can’t figure out a way to delete a point if it’s available. Double-clicking a point causes the adjustment arms(I have no idea what these are called, sorry!) to disappear, but I’d rather be able to delete the point entirely.



It’s always great to get Flash veterans using Wick - I grew up with flash myself and I remember making lots of dress-up games like you’re talking about. Love the stuff from your dA!

As for your suggestions:

  • Saving the current screen as a PNG isn’t something wick can do yet, but for now you might have to just tell people playing your game to right click and select Save Image As..., which should work because wick runs inside of an HTML5 Canvas, but let me know if it doesn’t work and I can put together a wick project with a custom save image button :smiley:

  • I actually didn’t know about Flash’s bitmap system, it’s pretty cool how you were able to put together a color picker like that :open_mouth: It’s definitely possible to generate an image of the canvas and get the color of the pixel under the mouse, but that will need a bit of custom code. I can try to get that together soon!

  • It’s kind of confusing, but you can delete points by holding Shift and clicking them.

Thanks for trying Wick!!


It’d be great if you could export individual Clips as transparent .PNGs as well! That opens the door for users to export individual frames as a sequence/spritesheet and use them elsewhere. (I’ve done so in Flash.)


Thank you!

I just saved an image on my test game, and it worked! It’s already way more convenient than trying to teach people how to take a screenshot. On my old games, I had instructions(for Mac, desktop, and laptop, it took up so much room x_x ), and people would still ask for help. But I’m pretty sure most people know how to right click and save a file, so I’m already happy about it. That just made my day! I spent so much time trying to find a way to code a save button in AS 2.0, only to learn it wasn’t feasibly possible.

I would love the possibility to create a color picker like the custom ones again. I greatly appreciate it! I enjoy any nicely made dress up games, even if they have a palette of pre-set colors, but after figuring out how to make the custom color picker(it became a staple of my dress ups that a lot of folks loved), it’s hard to go back to a regular set of pre-made colors. :laughing: Even though I included pre-sets of my own, some folks liked it for the convenience, while others liked to make their own colors. It drove me to work out a harmony of all three(pre-sets, picker, and hex codes).

Thank you so much! I’m already planning my next big maker game now! I’m so excited to be able to make them again, and so happy I found out about Wick.