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I run a club at my school for animation using Wick, and I always need to bring a USB drive with me each club day. Can you make a log-in to the editor so that things are saved online instead of having to put it in a flash drive? Of course, it doesn’t have to be required, and you can go about on your day without signing in, it just needs to be saved as a file. if you log in, it saves in your account and no matter what computer you use, you can just sign in and get it back.



I’m planning to start the same kind of club and we were wondering about the same thing. Do we have to bring our projects via USB drive or with google drive? But having a log-in connected with the editor is a smart suggestion! Having the option to access all our projects from any place at any given time would be great! :)
I’m not sure, but can “share a project” be a thing too? So more than one person can work on the same project?



That’s really cool that you’re starting school clubs about Wick!
I don’t know the details of how cloud save functionality would be achieved, but I do know apps like draw.io plug into Google Drive so there must be some sort of API that Wick can use to do the same.

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We definitely want to try and connect to a service of some kind at some point. We are hesitant to choose certain providers over others at the moment, and working on a log-in/cloud save system will be quite a bit of work!

Short answer is: we definitely want this in the future! At the moment, your best bet is Google Drive or some local storage methods like USB’s.

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