Embedable WickEditor

Please complete the following questions!

Has this feature been suggested before?
I think it isn’t, most searches of embed return topics on embedding videos, images, a wick project, etc.

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

Describe the solution you’d like
My feature request is to allow people to freely embed the editor and interact with the editor’s API (not the script API, the whole editor itself) so that apps are more flexible with the features of WickEditor. This embedded editor will perform similarly to the normal editor with a few changes (being able to automatically export the project, etc).

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Embed the WickEditor page (https://wickeditor.com/editor) itself in an iframe - requires CORS, too bulky

I don’t get why anyone would need this. Please explain in further detail.

Well, originally I thought that this feature would allow the WickEditor to be embedded inside another app. For example, a whiteboard application would use the WickEditor’s drawing interface while still adding more features to the application.

Hi @RealZombs,

can you explain what this would make possible that could not be achieved by just embedding the editor in a frame? As wick is FOSS, you could just add any functionality to the editor directly?



Now that I rethink it, I think that posting this request was a mistake, because as Paul mentioned WickEditor is FOSS and anyone can take the code. Sorry!


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no need to say sorry! FOSS is a concept a lot of people are still trying to wrap their heads aroud :slight_smile: (BTWl welcome to the forum!)