Export web animations as .mp4 files


I was thinking, that YouTube doesn’t support HTML5 animations, so we should have a way to export our animations as .mp4 files. I know it is hard to implement, but it would be good.


I agree! Exporting an animation as an .mp4 would be nice.
P.S. You could just export as a GIF and convert it to .mp4 but an implemented choice would be nice!:grin:


We’ve been looking into this. It’s really tough to get a full .mp4 or .webm export that works well in the browser based version of Wick. We’ll be looking to add full video export possibilities when we get to the desktop version!


A desktop version?! That sound awesome! As soon as that comes out it will be in my task bar with 500 clicks already!. CAN’T WAIT!!!


Haha yeah, we experimented with a desktop version WAY earlier in development. We need to do a lot more testing to make it work correctly, but it will be a much needed part of the project!


Please continue supporting the web version. It is the only good animation software that can be used on Chromebooks.


I also agree! I am a youtube gamer and animator and I would like to post the animation I made on wick editor to youtube.


I sometimes use chromebooks so I want the web version continued to be supported.


@aa09mc, @XYZt We will always support the web version of Wick :slight_smile:


Hey Everyone! I’m bumping this thread to say that video export was added to Wick in version 0.15! Can’t wait to see what you all make!


Tbh we need a whole entire wick portal, like a community soley for wick like how newgrounds was a community for flash when flash became popular.