Finished Video Render corrupted

Has this bug been reported already?
Kinda, but this is a different kind of render issue

Describe the bug
The render of my wick project exports as 0kb & the mp4 is corrupted

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the bug, if you have them:

  1. Go to ‘export’
  2. Click on ‘as video’
  3. wait for render
  4. See error

Expected behavior
The exported file is broken after render

*Computer Information

  • OS: Windows
  • Device Type: Desktop

Do you have a suggested solution to this issue? (ex. has another program fixed this bug a certain way? Are you familiar with where in the code base someone would need to fix this issue?) Nope

Additional context
I tried rendering it on the web & offline version, from my i3 intel core PC to my family PC i5 core

Wick Editor’s video exporting renderer isn’t the greatest.
Thanks for reporting this bug, if you’re still having issues with exporting videos, check out this thread: