.flac Support Please?


Hey, Wick Team, Can you PLEASE make .flac supported as a Sound Asset, I think .flac is one of the best OR IS, Type of Audio File out there, So I would Greatly Appreciate if you guys can make that supported…



I’m gonna be completely honest… but I’ve actually never heard of a .flac file. There are like 10 other file types for sound I found while trying to trim sounds like aiff and aifc, and only mp3 and wav (maybe ogg and some others) work. Then I need to go through some file converters and it’s a pain.

For now, I suggest running your files through a converter.

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Do you have any you can recommend to me please?



Zamzar I believe only lets you convert 2 per day unless you sign up for a plan, which I obviously didn’t do.
There are like 2 billion of these, one of them are even Chrome extensions, some are websites, but for some reason Zamzar is the only one I remember using. I tried at least 5 different ones. I don’t think they really make a difference. If you don’t have a lot of things to convert, then go ahead with Zamzar.



Oof, I got alot, Wish me luck, As i dive into the hole of file converters…

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welp… I’m sure other things will work fine. Just don’t go into sketchy websites, I always try to avoid them… cuz who knows what can happen.

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I suggest using .wav files, because they are supported by a lot more programs and are also uncompressed.