FNF Mods topics

What is it that everyone needs to do a FNF mod? This is not funny anymore, We will start suspending users for this, so be careful. If you are interested in a FNF mod collab, reply to this post and tell us why… so maybe we need only one FNF collab and not multiple. Thanks.

This is the only collab that we will allow for FNF for now… please work under this topic:


It also pains me that FNF has nothing to do with wick and most of the time it isnt even a mod just a recreation making the title misleading.


This is bad and painful punishment!!! and is not needed!!

Hi @Cocomelon_Is_bad, Could you elaborate more, please?

I think that they mean that suspension is not a fair punishment, but I get that you would do this because fnf has nothing to do with wick and if you really want an fnf mod done this is not the place to do this, go to discord or something and maybe people from outside wick editor will help you, and if it is a port of fnf that you wanna make and it is made completely with wick editor then try using pumpkinheads Small rhythm game.

We have rules, like in every place that we go or visit. There was a day when I was asked to open 3 fnf collabs. We must not have 2 collabs working on the same thing unless is a contest.

yes,i do mean that!