Forum fighters is dying

Forum fighters is dying real hard there are rewritten but it is discontinued, you guys gonna do something?
I mean we cant let something popular in the forums die its kinda part of the forums you guys tried to make a music crew and did everything to make this one game popular for now this post will Make it get back onto its feet.

A few of us are doing it as a sort of hobby (at least I am) outside the Wick Editor Forums and the Wick Editor’s Discord server, since we’re not using the Wick Editor for it anymore (seeing how we reached the ceiling for how far we could go trying to make something cool looking with the tool)

development has ended a long time ago because we didn’t really want to keep going through the process of painfully editing files with like 5 other people. i know pumpkinhead is/was remaking it in love2d but it’s too much work to do it as a group for an editor that doesn’t natively support stuff like this. If I ever make a fighting game myself, it’ll most likely not be an FF remake and instead be something else.

Like my highschool teacher said “Never give up”