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Well, butt did make a mistake and was honest about it too

I say we don’t mention what happened again, and work forwards instead of looking back at the past

wow, I made this post the same time as Luca
I totally agree, let’s keep the forums positive :)

myCharacterCra.wick Here is my character, hope it will get added.

Gonna Make A Map

I was thinking, maybe we can have unknown characters that can be unlocked by completing tasks?

reply #2222

don’t we have like 2 other stickman entries and 1 stickman already in-game?

yes, it would make more sense to have 1 stickman

(Also, @PewPewTrooper112, haven’t heard from u for a while,
can u reply with something to let us know ur ok?)

I’m currently making one

Where’s the wiki with all the work? I need it. Is there a way to pin a reply?

it’s in the new official hq. it’s like reply 16 i think, idk how i remember.

there you go!

here’s a background:
Skybound12-7-2020_13-28-23.wick (74.1 KB)

I think I should leave the team cause I have a youtube channel to tend to. sorry. :/

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alright, it’s your choice. good luck with your youtube channel. :wave:

Im back to edit

I am alive :P I just haven’t been active lately

thanks. I will probs still stay here and might do little things, but not much.

this is the old hq it also has 2k replies for some reason

Is it too late for me to come in?

Hi @Dol_Boonsomchin,

The main thread for Forum Fighters has moved to here!

Feel free to ask to join there :+1: